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The return of time to the ancient famous snack

In ancient times, there were many delicious foods, but now they are either lost or changed. I think few people know what they are. There are no clear regulations on the filling of mince and dumpling wonton. Meat and vegetable can be matched at will.

How to make quail babies

1. And face, made into a square face, such as the palm of the hand, such as copper coin thick.

2. Remove the bones of quail, chop off the head, neck, tail, feet and wings, remove the internal organs, wash them, chop them, mix them well, put salt, sesame oil and soy sauce into them, and stir them into stuffing.

3. Pick up a piece of dough and put the quail stuffing in the middle.

4. Fold into triangles along the skin diagonal.

5. Thicken one corner with water powder, fold the other corner up and press tightly.

6. The two ends should be aligned so that the stuffing will bulge in the middle, like a treasure.

7. Deep fried or boiled in clear soup.