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The classic delicacy made from long fish noodles

The so-called "jumping noodle" is to put and knead the noodle on the chopping board. The operator sits on one end of the bamboo bar and the other end is fixed on the chopping board. It is not only jumping up and down, but also like dancing and acrobatics. It is repeatedly squeezed into a thin noodle skin and cut into noodles with a knife. This kind of noodle has pores, the marinade is easy to taste, chews well in the mouth, and has a unique taste.


1. Wash the eel, blanch it in boiling water and place it beside

2. Change the materials used in batching II into knives and place them aside.

3. After boiling water, add the noodles, then put the small pot cover on it and roll over. It doesn't take too long to master the heat.

4. Take it up and put it into the second ingredient and go through it in the water (change the knife in advance, and the time does not need to be too long)

5. Put the special soup material of the pot cover noodles in the bowl (no soup material can be purchased in the supermarkets, and there is Zhenjiang pot cover noodles soy sauce on it, but it is still not delicious in the noodle shop. The real pot cover noodles soup material is made by adding dozens of Chinese herbal medicines into the soy sauce and boiling them in different temperatures, but the soy sauce is more fragrant and tastes stronger than the ordinary soy sauce, which is suitable for the following use)

6. Put the two ingredients into the bowl, put the long fish processed in advance into the bowl, scoop a spoon of water, put the noodles, and a bowl of delicious long fish pot cover noodles will be out of the oven.