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The recipe of song Sao's fish soup

It's said that sister song's fish soup is also a product of speculation. It's really powerful because of the speculation. It's said that Xiaozong came to the West Lake to enjoy a bowl of fish soup. He was used to the delicacy of mountains and seas. Unexpectedly, the sour fish skin and crisp meat were tender, delicious and delicious. The taste was better than that of imperial food. He praised: "it's really delicious!" and now he gave song wusao 100 pieces of colorful satin. Thanks to the master of Wancheng, sister-in-law song's fish is more famous. It's well known from all over the world. It's imitated all over the country and passed down from generation to generation as a famous dish.


1. Chives, ginger, cooked bamboo shoots, shredded mushrooms, egg yolk,

2. Cut mandarin fish into two pieces, add onion shreds, ginger shreds, cooking wine and refined salt, put them into a steamer and steam for about 6 minutes, take them out,

3. Put lard in the pot, stir fry the shredded chives until fragrant, add the high soup and boil, put in cooking wine, cooked bamboo shoots and mushrooms, boil, pour mandarin fish into the pot, add soy sauce, refined salt and monosodium glutamate to boil, and thicken the sauce with lake powder,

4. Then pour the yolk liquid into the pot and mix well. When the soup is boiled again, add vinegar and pour 60% hot lard.