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Homemade popcorn also tastes sweet

Popcorn, the favorite food in the movies, doesn't need its making tools. We can make a more delicious existence, just need an iron pot.

1. Put popcorn (corn) into the pot, and basically spread it over the bottom of the pot a little more, not too much. Medium and small fire, heating. I was too lazy to use the shovel, so I kept turning it over with my hands, and I could feel the temperature of the pot and popcorn directly.

2. When you think popcorn is hot, you can't turn it over any more. Don't turn it over. It's enough to stir fry it to this extent. The pot should also be relatively hot, we are not iron sand palm, to prevent scalding yo.

3. Then cover the pot. Keep heating and you can hear the crackling sound. At this time, you can keep heating for 5 minutes, and then turn off the fire. Don't worry about him. Don't lift the lid. It is good for the remaining temperature of the cast iron pot, and popcorn will continue to explode.

There are always several furnaces that can't be opened. That's normal. So the storage of popcorn without sugar or oil is finished. You can put an open plate or something cool.

Caramel method:

1. Put all the materials out of the corn into a small soup pot (if it is better not to stick, the syrup is not easy to stick, it will all flow out)

2. Heat a small fire until the sugar rises a big bubble, and then it turns into milk yellow, and then it turns into toffee color

3. Put popcorn in a non stick container, and I happened to have a non stick mold. The reason why it is non stick is that the caramel liquid which flows to the bottom and solidifies easily can be removed.

4. Pour the boiled sugar solution onto the popcorn, and at the same time turn the popcorn to make them stick evenly. Because the sugar will solidify quickly, the whole process should be faster. (this part can't be photographed because both hands are operated again.)

5. But it doesn't matter if it's not evenly drenched. If some Caramel solidifies at the bottom or side. It can be pushed down gently. Put it back in the small pot, continue to heat and melt, throw some popcorn not dipped in caramel into the small pot, and roll the caramel clean.