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The soul stirring and rotten meat noodles in the self-made Teahouse

In the classic teahouse, we pour the rotten meat noodles. The whole process of rotten meat noodles does not need a drop of oil, is not dry or greasy. To make the rotten meat is not greasy, the selection of meat is the key, we should choose the pig hind leg meat with skin. The hind leg meat is fat and thin, and more lean than the streaky meat. It tastes delicious but not greasy. Cooking with skin can make the rotten meat soup thick and has the effect of beauty and beauty.


1. Wash the pork hind legs, cut them into 5mm thick chunks with skin, which is thicker than the meat slices when frying.

2. Pour half a bowl of soy sauce into the pot.

3. Add 50g of rock sugar, rock sugar to reduce the heat in the meat.

4. Stir fry the lollipop slowly over low heat.

5. Put in the meat slices and stir fry the meat slices with the soy sauce.

6. Stir fry slowly with small fire as before. Stir slowly with small fire can make the meat taste crisp and tender.

7. The stir fried soup is thick, and the water in the meat is also stir fried.

8. Add seasoning and stir fry twice.

9. Add beer, the amount of beer is less than 2cm of meat. Stewed meat with beer can not only get rid of fishiness and greasiness, but also make the meat more tender and tender.

10. Use a shovel to stir the soup in the pot evenly and simmer slowly on a small fire.

11. Simmer until the soup is thick. At this time, the meat is tender and soft, and the collagen in the skin is also boiled. The soup is thick and thick, and tastes delicious.

12. Use the spoon that usually holds porridge, add less than half a spoon of vinegar, stir evenly, and then turn off the fire. Vinegar and meat are a perfect match, which can play a role of fragrance and greasiness, and vinegar can also help digestion, prevent eating too much meat, causing food accumulation.

13. Boil the noodles, boil the water in the pot, and put in some noodles; if you don't feel too much trouble, you can roll the noodles by yourself.

14. Cook until the noodles are ripe, control the water content and remove. It's not advisable to cook the noodles too bad, or they won't chew hard. Make the noodles with rotten meat. The meat is rotten, but the noodles should have a chew head before they are delicious.

15. Put the noodles in the bowl, put the appropriate amount of meat slices and sauce on top, and then sprinkle some chopped green onion. Fragrant, delicious and attractive rotten meat noodles are ready.