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How to make a homemade snack pig intestines to grow glutinous rice? How to use glutinous rice to pou

How to make a homemade snack, pork intestines and glutinous rice? Have you tried to use glutinous rice to irrigate pork intestines? Pork intestines and glutinous rice is a special snack food in Chaoshan. Some people call it "Heaven delicacy".


1. Wash the pig large intestine (try to wash it as clean as possible, turn it over and tear off the fluffy things inside) for use.

2. Wash the glutinous rice, cut the soft mushroom into granules; add the mushroom granules and water to the glutinous rice, then add some water, add some salt and chicken powder to soak for ten minutes.

3. Cut the large intestine into 30-40 cm sections. Tie one end of each section with sewing thread first, and then pour the material of Practice II into the large intestine. The amount of glutinous rice in each section of large intestine is only half of the length of large intestine. Add water until it is full, and then tie the other end with sewing thread.

4. Make the large intestine uniform, put it into the plate and steam it in the steamer for about half an hour, then it will be shaped. Cut the steamed pig intestines into pieces, dip them in honey, pepper, etc.