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How to make Wenchang press Ba, a special snack in Hainan? Coconut paste soft Wenchang press Ba

How to make Wenchang Baba, a special snack in Hainan? Wenchang Baba, also known as "coconut paste soft". It's a local flavor snack in Hainan. It comes from the folk in Wenchang, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and coconut. Mix glutinous rice flour with water and oil, knead it into small balls, press it into circles by hand, boil it in boiling water, and then dip it with crumbly sweet fillings for eating.


1. Stack the dried glutinous rice flour on the chopping board, open the nest, add proper amount of water, mix well, then add the crude oil, knead continuously to make it flexible and stretchy, divide it into 20 equal parts, knead them into circles one by one, press them into oblate blocks (embryos) with the palm for use.

2. Peel off the coat of the coconut, break open the hard shell, and use a special coconut planer to scrape out the fine-grained coconut paste; stir fry the peanuts and white sesame respectively, and roll them into powder shape. Put in fresh cocoanut and brown sugar, mix them well, and then they will be stuffing.

3. In a hot pot, bring to a boil, put in the 'embryo body', cook it over medium heat, scoop it up, put the 'stuffing' one by one and dip it into a full layer, then you can eat or put it on the table.