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How to make fish noodles? How to make Shanxi snacks

How to make fish noodle? How to make Shanxi snack fish noodle? Xiaobian often eats a kind of fish noodle with a strong sense of chewing at home, which is very delicious, and Shanxi fish noodle is also very popular.

1. Wash the potatoes, steam them, peel them and mash them.

2. Mix the mashed potatoes with flour. Add 500g water to make a hard dough. Then add 300g water to make a soft dough. Put it in a basin and cover with a wet cloth.

3. Take out a part of the good noodles and put it in the bowl. Put the bowl on the left hand, incline to the edge of the pot. Use the sharpened bamboo chopsticks on the right hand to move the noodles flowing to the edge of the bowl into the boiling water pot, so that they are 6.6cm long, 0.5cm thick, large in the middle, and sharp at both ends. When the fish float up, put them into the bowl.

4. When eating, mix the seasoning into the food at will.

Main points for making fish noodles:

1. The dough should be kneaded thoroughly and smoothly.

2. Use bamboo chopsticks to dip in water frequently to avoid sticking.

3. Do not overcooke when cooking. It is better to make the tendon strong and smooth.