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How to make dumplings with hot noodles? Special snacks

How can I make dumplings with hot noodles? I didn't think that I made dumplings with hot noodles. However, it's worth recommending and sharing the way of making dumplings with hot noodles.

1. Stir fry sesame seeds in the wok and stir fry until fragrant. Pour them on the chopping board, grind them with walking mallet, and mix them into stuffing with soft white sugar and osmanthus sugar in the wok.

2. Put cooked lard on the chopping board. Add 250g boiling water into the frying pan, pour in flour and mix well to make hot noodles, take it out and put it on the chopping board, cool and knead it thoroughly, and then take it into 30 dosage forms.

3. Roll the preparation with a rolling pin into a round skin with thin edge, slightly thick middle and a diameter of about 8 cm, wrap 10 grams of filling respectively, then fold the skin in half into a semicircle, pinch the edges with both thumbs and index fingers and make it in the shape of a horn, steam in the cage for about 10 minutes, and take it out.

Key points for making steamed dumplings with hot noodles and sugar:

1. The hot dough should be kneaded evenly and thoroughly until the surface is smooth and not sticky.

2. When steaming in the cage, steam quickly with boiling water.