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What snacks can lotus root make? Special existence of lotus root cake in Sichuan

What kind of snacks can lotus root make? It's rare for us to make snacks with lotus root, while the Sichuan special snack Lotus Root Cake gives full play to the taste of lotus root in a funny way.

1. Wash the lotus root, peel it, cut it into thin wires with a knife, soak it in alum water, then scald it in boiling water, and dry it in the pot.

2. Add 1000 grams of clear water to boil in the pot, put in white sugar, put in egg white, remove floating impurities, boil in agar, and then put in a proper amount of edible red pigment to turn into pink sugar water. Mix the lotus root powder into a paste, pour it into the sugar water, stir it to thicken, pour it into the lotus root silk and mix well, then pour it into the oiled porcelain plate, and put it into the refrigerator for refrigeration.

3. After cooling, cut into small squares about 4cm long and 2cm wide with a knife.

Key points of making lotus root cake in Sichuan:

1. Cut fresh lotus root evenly;

2. The amount of lotus root powder should not be too small, so as not to be difficult to solidify.