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How to make lion cake

Lion cake is as civilized as a lion with its finished color. It's crispy and delicious. How and how to make lion cake?

Production method:

1. Soak rice and chongfen: select the glutinous rice with full grains, wash it with clear water, soak it for 4-6 hours, take out the dripping water, pound it into fine powder with a pestle, and pass through 60-70 mesh sieve, which requires the rice powder to be fine.

2. Boil: take 800g of glutinous rice flour (calculated per 100 packages of finished products) and put it into a boiling clear water pot to stir evenly, boil it into a paste, then add lard and continue to boil, so as to cook all glutinous rice flour to a degree.

3. Flour mixing: mix the rest of the glutinous rice flour with the egg, then add in the sauce and knead into a powder. Then press the dough into 0.5cm thick pieces, cut into 1.5cm wide strips, and then cut the strips into 0.5cm wide small pieces, which is called green body. It is required to have the same shape and uniform size when cutting the block, and powder shall be applied between the green billets to prevent adhesion.

4. Frying: first pour sesame oil into the pot, when the temperature rises to 250-280 ℃, then gradually put the green billets into the oil pot. When the green billets are in the shape of grain yellow, they will be fished out when they are exploded. It's for the purpose of cake billets, which are cooled for use.

5. Sugar boiling, mixing and molding: put white granulated sugar and caramel into the pot, add proper amount of water, boil to about 150 ℃, and then put the cake blank into the bran pulp to mix evenly, pour it into the cake basin to spread evenly, compact and level. Then mix the essence of sesame oil with a small amount of sugar, evenly sprinkle on the cake surface, then sprinkle with ripe sesame seeds, then form and package, that is finished products.