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How to make pig blood balls delicious snacks

Pig blood balls are a special food in Hunan Province. They are made in every household. Blood tofu is also called blood bar and pig blood balls are a kind of new year's food made in the local Miao family during the winter solstice and the lunar month. It has a long tradition. How to make pig blood balls delicious depends on my detailed explanation.

1. Slice pig blood balls (it can also be boiled in water for five minutes and sliced again if it is very hard), wash pepper and garlic sprout, cut garlic sprout into sections, and cut pepper into pieces

2. Put a little oil in the pot, fry the balls with oil on a small heat, turn the heat to stir fry (I still use the electric rice pot, which is always on the same fire)

3. Stir fry until the balls are discolored, pour in a spoonful of soy sauce, stir well, and then pour in pepper

4. Stir fry the chili and the meatballs evenly, and the meatballs are also cooked thoroughly. Before leaving the pot, pour in the garlic sprouts.