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How to make sticky bean buns

The sticky bean package in Northeast China is a feature of the villages in Northeast China. It is steamed and used directly with sugar in Northeast China. It's the favorite kind of family cake for children in Northeast China.


1. First, mix the noodles with warm water, sticky rice noodles with boiled water, and rhubarb rice noodles with boiled water. Put the mixed noodles on the hot Kang, maintain a temperature of about 356 degrees, cover them, and send them for one night.

2. The next day, the beans are boiled with water, then the beans are scooped out, the water is scooped out, and then the beans are put into the pot, and it is mashed into stuffing. When the beans are mashed, a proper amount of white sugar should be mixed in.

3. The next step is to shape the bean stuffing into a small ball by hand. Put the noodles in your hands and pat them into a small pie. Put the stuffing into a bean shape.

4. Finally, steam in a large pot, and spread the cleaned Baltic leaves or Suzi leaves on the bottom of the pot. Polo, also known as "Bo Li", means "rice" and "acorn fruit" in Manchu. The leaves of the Baltic, or acorn.

5. After boiling, wait another 15 minutes before leaving the pot. The sticky bean package of sticky rice noodles is off white, while the sticky bean package of rhubarb rice noodles is golden.