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How to make Taiwan's small fry

The famous reputation of Taiwan's snack pan fried is that I met Aizhong from the corner, and I met pan fried from the corner. In order to get the delicious pan fried method, I now share with you the practice of Taiwan's snack pan fried.

1. Remove the old root of leek, wash and cut into inch sections. Wash the mud and cut it into inches. Knock the eggs into the bowl and break them up. Rinse oyster meat, control dry water and sand.

2. Put the sweet potato powder into a bowl, add 75ml water and mix well to form a paste. Add salt and leek and mix well.

3. Put tomato sauce, soy sauce paste, taste and sugar into the pot, add 1 cup of water and mix well, then boil over high heat and low heat until thick.

4. Heat the oil in the pan over medium heat until it is 40% hot, fry the oyster meat until it changes color, and pour in the sweet potato powder, so that the oyster meat is submerged in the sweet potato powder.

5. Continue to heat in a small fire. When the sweet potato powder solidifies and becomes translucent, and there is no white pulp powder, add egg liquid and chrysanthemum.

6. When the liquid has set, turn over and fry until both sides are done. Drizzle with sauce and enjoy.