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How to make spicy crab at home

I remember that in a movie I have seen before, spicy crab is very popular, and Chongqing spicy crab is the top three delicacies on the Chinese food list. Today, I will teach you how to make spicy crab at home.


1. First, wash the crab with a brush, remove the feet and pincers of the crab, and break off the crab shell. Note that the crab is broken from the end without pincers to the end with tongs. After breaking it off, clean the dirty place in the cavity, then cut the crab into two knives and four pieces with a knife, and beat the crab tongs to pieces, and put all the above into the plate.

2. Cut the pepper into small pieces, cut the coriander into sections, wash the ginger and cut it into pieces, then sprinkle it with cooking wine and salt in the crab plate, put it in the steamer, steam for 8 minutes, turn off the fire.

3. In another wok, put in chili oil, at the same time, shred the pepper, pour in the other small pieces of pepper, stir fry slowly to make the flavor, then pour all the steamed crabs and the steamed soup into the wok, stir fry for 4 minutes, hook up a sauce, sprinkle with sesame, then the wok will be out. After serving, use chopsticks to put the crab back to its original state, and sprinkle some coriander, red, green, color, fragrance, shape and taste.