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How to make pepper oil at home

In summer, we often make pepper oil to eat at home. Pepper oil is bought in the supermarket. It's not as delicious as the one we make. How to make pepper oil by ourselves at home? The pepper oil we make is delicious. Prepare materials and do it together.

The basic characteristics of zanthoxylum oil are clear oil juice, fragrant and fragrant.

How to make pepper oil at home:

1. Peel ginger and beat it; slice garlic into fingernails and beat it with scallion.

2. Heat the wok on the fire, put the salad oil to 50-60% of the heat, put in ginger, garlic, scallion and deep fried incense, then put in the pepper, stir fry the star anise to taste, leave the wok on the fire, cool it, beat the dregs, put the oil into the container, and then use it at any time.

Tip: when the oil is still warm, put in pepper. The advantage is that the pepper taste can completely enter the oil. It doesn't smell very fragrant, but the taste is good and the disadvantage is that pepper can only be filtered out.

The above materials should not be less, without a taste, there is no taste, you can do it now, pepper oil will not be difficult to store because of the hot weather. Do you know how to make pepper oil at home?