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How to make cashew

1. Fry cashew nuts in a warm oil pan.

2. Scoop out and cool with a leaky spoon.

3. Add sugar and a small amount of water into the clean pot.

4. Wait for the water to evaporate.

5. Add all spices.

6. Pour in cashew roll and paste to increase flavor.

7. Start the pot and install the plate, then cool it.

Operational requirements

1. Deep fried cashew oil should not be too warm, and cashew is easy to scorch.

2. Boil the sugar in a small fire before turning it into a medium fire. Stir the anti scorch and sticky bottom more often.

3. The action of rolling and sticking seasoning should be fast, and it is difficult to stick the seasoning when it is a little cold.

4. The surface layer can also be sprinkled with some ripe sesame seeds to make it stick and increase fragrance.