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How to make fried rice noodles delicious

How to stir fry rice noodles to taste good? It has a very important relationship with the side dishes, ingredients and fire of rice noodles. Fried rice noodles are snacks from Guangdong, which can be often seen in Guangdong snack street. How can I make fried rice noodles?

1. Remove the root of the bean sprout, wash and drain the water, cut the onion into sections, and chop the garlic (the most commonly used side dish of Guangdong fried rice noodles is bean sprout). Put the rice flour into the pot, add about 80 degrees of boiling water, and soak the rice flour for about 5 minutes. When the rice flour can be scattered with chopsticks, wash it with cold water, and then pour it into the drain basket to drain the water.

2. Shred the lean meat, add two pieces of ginger and marinate with soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar and starch for 10 minutes. Two eggs, add a small amount of cooking wine and salt to break up.

3. Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, saute the garlic and pour it into the egg liquid.

4. Quickly stir fry the eggs, continue to put the shredded pork, stir fry until the shredded pork changes color, and add rice flour.

5. Add some soy sauce while frying. In this step, it's better to stir fry with chopsticks. Rice flour is not easy to be broken. Stir fry until evenly colored, add bean sprouts and scallions, add a small amount of five spices and pepper, stir well and turn off the heat.

Do a good job of fried rice noodles. First of all, when making fried rice noodles, don't soak for too long. If the rice is too soft, it will be very shapeless. If you are healthy, less salt is better.