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What do you eat as an appetizer in autumn? Spicy and moistening cabbages are on the stage. Delicious

Hot cabbage is simple, but not small, it is runchangtong is the best digestion food. It's a good choice to eat spicy cabbage in autumn. I will teach you!

Ingredient: 1 cabbage

Accessories: 15g glutinous rice flour, 100g ginger, 3 leeks, a little MSG, 100g salt, 20g sugar, 50g chili powder, 500g garlic

Hot cabbage

1. For a large collection of all seasonings, I have prepared a cooking machine, which can be used to make mashed garlic in a moment, or in other ways

2. Cut the cabbage into 4 pieces, remove each layer by hand and sprinkle salt. Sprinkle 4 pieces of cabbage with salt and marinate them in a pot. After about two hours, you can marinate the water out of the cabbage. Use marinating time to prepare marinade

3. Adjust the glutinous rice flour with a little cold water, and then heat it until it just bubbles. It doesn't matter if it has a pimple, but it must be cooked thoroughly. Otherwise, it smells of raw rice. Let it cool

4. Put all the garlic and peeled ginger in the blender to make paste

5. Mix the mashed garlic and ginger with sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate and chili powder. Taste the taste, salty and light sweet. Don't make it too salty

6. Put the cooled rice paste into the seasoning to make such a paste, and the pickle is finished

7. Wash the pickled cabbage twice under the tap water, otherwise it is too salty and drain the water

8. Spread the sauce on each layer of cabbage, and pay attention to the root

9. It's finished. Put it in the box for half a day, then put it in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days

Editor's note

1. Cabbage to choose white dishes, help short. This kind of dish is quite cool;

2. Pepper powder choose a little bit of fine powder, red color is better, you can use slightly spicy or medium spicy type, depending on your taste. I use medium spicy, because it's too spicy, I don't dare to wipe too much chili paste, the color is a little bit worse;

3. The weather in Beijing, we are in the air-conditioned room fermentation for half a day, and then put in the refrigerator fresh room low temperature fermentation. Hot cabbage must be fermented at low temperature to taste good;

4. Cut leeks into sections and marinate them on the cabbage to improve the taste. It can be put or not;

5. Don't waste the endless chili paste. Put it in a clean bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. It can be reused later.