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How to make chive flower the best? How to make crisp and fragrant chive flower onion shredded chicke

Leek flower is now the seasonal vegetables, only now fresh and tender, crisp and sweet, after some time is not delicious. Take advantage of the good time, make a chive flower onion shredded chicken, delicious taste, Xiaobian teach you to do step by step!

Leek flower onion shredded chicken raw material: chicken breast meat leek flower onion starch cooking wine soy sauce salt


1. Prepare raw materials;

2. Add appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and starch to chicken breast and shredded meat, and a few drops of oil;

3. Marinate for two or three minutes;

4. Heat the pan, add a little oil, add onion shreds and stir fry;

5. Stir fry the onion until the flavor comes out and slightly softens, then stir fry with shredded meat;

6. Stir fry the shredded meat to change color, then add the leek flower section to stir fry together;

7. Stir fry a few times and then add appropriate amount of salt to taste;

8. Finally, continue to stir fry a few times;

9. Take out the pot and put it on the plate.


1. Cut the chicken breast into shreds, add salt, starch, cooking wine and other seasoning to marinate, add a few drops of oil to fry the chicken shreds to make them more tender and smooth;

2. When frying, fry the onion first, stir fry the onion to get the flavor, then add the seasoned shredded chicken, after the shredded chicken changes color, finally add the leek flower, stir fry for a few times, add salt to taste, then stir fry the leek flower until it changes color and softens.