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Do you know how to make chives egg pie?

When I was a child, I studied in the morning. When I got up, it was still dark. I read all morning at my throat, my hungry chest against my back. It was not easy to stay up until the school bell rang and ran home in a hurry. You can smell grandma's Pancakes before you enter. Sometimes it's a thousand layer cake, sometimes it's a flour cake, smeared with thick oil at the bottom of the pot, with scallion in the middle, with a pungent smell. Can't wait to pick up a piece and gobble it up. There is really no more delicious food in the world. Now I also learn to make pancakes. With all kinds of cooking utensils, I no longer have to cook pancakes at the same time as my grandmother. From time to time, her cough comes from the smoky kitchen. Grandma likes leeks best. Learn to make a leek egg pie for her.

Ingredients: leek, egg, shrimp, salt, sesame oil, edible oil and flour.


How to mix the stuffing:

1. Wash leeks, control dry water, 2-3 eggs, proper amount of shrimps.

2. Cut the leeks into small pieces and put them into a bowl. Beat the eggs to make the egg liquid and put it into the bowl.

3. Add a little cooking oil into the pan, heat and pour in the egg.

4. Stir continuously with chopsticks or shovel to make the egg broken.

5. Put the egg, shrimps and leeks in the same bowl.

6. Add proper amount of sesame oil, mix gently and evenly, then add salt to taste before stuffing.

How to make pancakes:

1. Add warm water to flour in several times, stir with chopsticks to form flocs, and then mix into dough. Cover the dough with plastic wrap for about 20 minutes.

2. Sprinkle proper amount of flour on the chopping board and knead the dough evenly.

3. Divide into small dough of moderate size.

4. Take one of them and roll it into a round dough.

5. Put leek and egg stuffing in the middle of the dough.

6. Knead the edge and make the fold as small and tight as possible.

7. Place the wrapped pie flat on the chopping board, pat it gently, roll it with a rolling pin on the wrinkled side to make a round pancake, and roll it gently on the reverse side without breaking it. Make other pies as above.

8. Heat the pan, add a little cooking oil, put the pie embryo into the pan and cook it over low heat.

9. Turn the opposite side in time, both sides are golden.

10. Eat hot.


1. Leek cleaning action should be light to avoid leek damage and wilting in the cleaning process; cut with a sharp knife to avoid repeated cutting, easy to water.

2. Add salt at the end of filling. It's better to add salt before filling to avoid water.

3. Stir the stuffing lightly and mix well.

4. In addition, adding shrimp skin properly can improve the freshness and neutralize the taste of leek.

Our love for our loved ones will not be spoken out loud and clearly, but will melt into a simple but loving food. Make a love filled Chinese chive omelet for your family. Let your mind integrate into their memory and body through food.