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It's a delicious spring roll. It's recommended to welcome the taste of spring

Although it's winter now, in the near future, spring will come as promised! Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, pancakes. It is the traditional food of Han nationality. It is popular all over China, especially in Jiangnan. In addition to the folk food for their own home, it is often used for hospitality. have a long history. Spring rolls are evolved from ancient spring cakes.

Ingredients: Spring cake 500g cabbage 300g carrot 1 bean curd 200g leek 50g mung bean sprout 150g pork 150g dried mushroom 50g salt 4G monosodium glutamate 2G vegetable oil

Cut cabbage, carrot and pork into shreds. Soak mushrooms and cut into shreds. 2

2. Add vegetable oil into the pot, pour in pork shreds and mushrooms, stir fry, add 2 grams of salt, set aside

3. Stir fry shredded carrots in another pan after the oil is hot

4. Add shredded cabbage, continue to stir fry and add 2G salt and MSG

5. Take a large bowl and turn a plate upside down, and put the fried carrot and cabbage in (the purpose of turning the plate is to drain the soup)

6. Bring the water to a boil and pour in the mung bean sprouts

7. Pick up mung bean sprouts and pour them into leeks. Blanch them on the fire

8. Stir fry the shredded bean curd and put it on the plate. At this point, all the fillings are fried completely

9. Take a piece of spring roll skin, spread it in a clean disk, put in the right amount of stuffing, and spread it well

10. Roll up the spring cake skin from one end of the filling

11. Fold the left and right ends together to form a pillow

12. Ready to eat or deep fried for better flavor