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How to eat fresh green okra? How to do it skillfully

Okra originated in Africa and was introduced into China by India in the early 20th century. At present, okra has become people's hot pursuit of high-grade nutritional health vegetables, swept the world. Its edible part is the pod, which is also divided into green and red. It is crisp, tender, juicy, smooth, and has a unique flavor, which is favored by the people. So today we will see how to eat okra!

The most suitable cooking method

Stir frying: for nutritious vegetables, we always advocate quick stir frying over high fire and color changing out of the pot. Because they are fresh and tender, there is no need to put too much seasoning. Even salt is put before the pot. Stir frying or with shrimp and meat are good.

Deep frying: don't let nutritious things be directly oiled. Wrap them with egg liquid, corn flour or meat slices, bacon and so on, and then deep fry them. Not only the inside is not damaged, but also the outside is burnt and the inside is tender, which is very refreshing. The taste of things wrapped outside also goes into the okra.

Stew: it's better to stew with meat and seafood. At this time, it's more appropriate to cut the Okra in half, so that the nutrition of okra can be stewed into the soup and the taste can be infiltrated into the main ingredients.

Food recommendation

Okra Salmon Roll: the innovative combination of okra and salmon, baked in the oven, retains the freshness of salmon and the rich thick juice of okra, which makes the mouth smooth.

Cold mixed okra: put the hot okra into the plate, pour it into the seasoning made of soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, sesame oil, chili oil and flour paste. It's tender, crisp and smooth.

New Orleans okra soup: okra soup is the favorite of Louisiana people. It actually refers to the soup made of seafood or bacon. Okra is added to make the soup thicker. A spoonful of steaming okra soup is a part of New Orleans life.