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No fish is not happy, different sweet and sour Crispy Fish are waiting for you

It's always the principle of Chinese people to eat without fish. A fish is often a symbol of affluence, so today's Xiaobian recommends sweet and sour Crispy Fish. Different from the fish in the past, the fish cooked this time is crispy. You must have never eaten it!

raw materials: 1 fresh carp, 2 pickled red peppers, proper amount of vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, cooking wine, soup, shredded onion, scallion, starch, ginger and garlic.


1. Wash the fish, wipe dry the water, and then draw 1 cm deep on each side of the fish body with a vertical knife, then lift the knife to 2 cm deep, cutting 6-7 knives in total, with equal knife spacing.

2. Wipe the fish evenly with cooking wine, soy sauce and salt to make it taste good. Wipe it dry with clean cloth for use. Soak the pepper, remove the seeds and cut it into shreds.

3. Add oil into the frying pan and heat it to 80%. Spread the dried starch evenly on the fish. Take the fish tail and fish head into the pan and fry until the fish is dark yellow. Take out the fish and put it on the plate. Loosen it with your hand. Add oil into the pan and heat it. Add onion, minced garlic and ginger and stir well. Then cook the sauce, starch, cooking wine, sugar, vinegar and soup in the pan. Stir well. Thicken the fish in the second rate On the body, remove the shredded scallion and pickled chili on the fish. Do you want to replicate this delicious food? Might as well follow Xiaobian to the kitchen, delicious sweet and sour fish are waiting for you!