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Hot and sour tripe soup in autumn

Yesterday, I went to eat Hubei food with my friends, but I didn't expect that the simple tripe soup was very delicious. Drinking such a bowl of steaming hot, sour and spicy tripe soup on a cold autumn night, I believe it has a very good effect on driving away the chill. Would you like such heavy taste food?

main ingredient: pork tripe (200g)

Accessories: starch (broad bean) (5g)

Seasoning: salt (5g), coriander (5g), soy sauce (15g), yellow rice wine (10g), sesame oil (5g), ginger (10g), vinegar (25g), pepper (2G)

Production technology

1. Wash the pork tripe with salt and alkali, then wash the salt and alkali taste with water, cook it in the pot, put it on the pier after a little air, cut the thick one into two pieces with a blade, and cut it into 2 mm, 3 cm long silk with a vertical knife;

2. Stir the shredded tripe in the boiling water pan and take it out for standby;

3. Wash and shred ginger;

4. Wash coriander and set aside;

5. Add 1250 ml of clear soup to the frying pan. Add shredded pork, ginger, soy sauce, salt, pepper, rice wine and monosodium glutamate to the pan;

6. Bring the soup to a boil, skim off the foam, mix the vinegar with the wet starch, thicken it with water, put it into a large soup bowl, and drizzle with sesame oil;

7. Bring the coriander dish and soup to the table at the same time. Although sour and spicy tripe soup is heavy taste, but also pay attention to the moderate seasoning, sour, spicy, salty can not be too much, so might as well learn to do, for their own autumn and winter to send a warm stomach food!