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How to eat chicken in autumn? Braised chicken can't resist the temptation

Autumn slowly turns cool, and people's appetite is gradually getting better. For those who prefer delicious food, they don't have to go out to eat because of the hot weather. Therefore, the autumn diet seems to be more abundant!

ingredients: half of Sanhuang chicken, dried mushrooms, 10 pieces of ginger, 2 pieces of cooking wine, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 3 tbsp soy sauce, proper amount of vegetable oil

Braised chicken nuggets in brown sauce

1. Wash and cut chicken into pieces, blanch and drain. Soak and wash mushrooms, peel and slice ginger

2. Add oil to the hot pot, add ginger slices, stir fry chicken until the water is almost gone. When the chicken skin is slightly brown, add cooking wine, add raw soy sauce, stir fry with water that can pass chicken pieces, boil over high heat, add mushrooms and stir fry. Cover and turn off the heat. Turn on the fire after the chicken is completely cooked and rotten in about 20 minutes. Add soy sauce and color, and dry the soup. This braised chicken nuggets recommended by Xiaobian today is actually the simplest family practice. It is indeed a good introduction for you who have no kitchen cooking experience!