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Now the most popular nutrition collocation method demonstration beans + meat do you like it?

What's the most popular way to match food? Many people like to adjust their diet according to the solar term. Now it is a period of time after the summer heat and before the beginning of autumn. So what kind of diet is the best? Although autumn is the season to stick autumn fat, how about beans and meat?

Experts suggest that when eating meat, it is best to match with soy food, because soybean products contain a lot of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma, make cholesterol and fat particles smaller, suspend in plasma, do not deposit to the blood vessel wall, can prevent the formation of sclerotic plaque.

Black bean mutton soup

Materials: 1 small handful of black beans; 1 small handful of walnuts; 1 jin of mutton; appropriate amount of green onion and ginger wine; appropriate amount of pepper


1. Wash black beans and soak them for more than 1 hour until swollen. Wash walnuts with water and set aside. Blanch the mutton and wash off the foam.

2. Put all the ingredients together in a casserole, add plenty of water and green onion and ginger wine. Boil over high heat and turn to low heat for more than 2 hours until mutton is soft and rotten. Finally, add pepper and salt to taste.

Crucian carp and red bean soup

Main ingredients: 1 Carassius auratus (about 450g) red bean 100g

Ingredients: 2 sections of scallion; 3 slices of old ginger; 1 tbsp cooking wine (15ml); 1g salt


1. Remove the viscera, gills and scales of crucian carp, clean them, and marinate with cooking wine for 10 minutes. Crucian carp red bean soup 2, red beans washed clean, put into the boiling pot, add the right amount of cold water, boil high heat, turn to low heat until seven mature.

3. Put the cleaned crucian carp into the skillet, add green onion and ginger slices, boil over high heat, turn to medium and low heat, continue to boil for 30 minutes, add salt to taste. A good diet is the key step to regulate the body, so the most popular method of nutrition collocation of beans and meat can not be missed!