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How to make fresh and delicious glutinous rice spareribs? Fresh flavor in meat flavor

Delicious glutinous rice spareribs is a kind of food that we prefer. Glutinous rice is very popular in cooking, meatballs and other food ingredients, such as rice chicken. Glutinous rice not only invigorates the spleen and stomach, but also expels toxins. Today I'd like to recommend a delicious glutinous rice spareribs for you?

Glutinous spareribs

Ingredients: 300g spareribs, 150g glutinous rice, oyster sauce, salt, soy sauce, green pepper, starch, ginger and chicken essence


1) Prepare spareribs, glutinous rice, green pepper, ginger.

2) Chop the ginger into small pieces and put into the clean spareribs.

3) Add salt to the ribs.

4) Sprinkle with chicken essence.

5) Sprinkle with pepper.

6) Pour in the right amount of oyster sauce.

7) Mix spareribs with seasoning and marinate for half an hour.

8) Marinated ribs are wrapped with glutinous rice one by one.

9) Make water in a pressure cooker. Add the spareribs covered with glutinous rice and press for 20 minutes.

10) Cut green and red peppers into rice.

11) Stir fry green and red peppers, add water, and thicken with starch.

12) Pour the sauce on the steamed spareribs and serve. For people who like to eat spareribs, glutinous rice spareribs can not only reduce the greasy feeling, but also improve the delicate flavor of spareribs. I believe you will like this unique taste!