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Autumn clear liver and eyesight home recipe recommended spinach pig liver soup to return your bright

Have you heard of spinach pig liver soup? Autumn is a more suitable season for health preservation, so those who want to improve their physique and health through autumn diet can seriously learn some common knowledge about health preservation. Today's editor will recommend that what is good for nourishing liver and eyesight in autumn? Eyes are the window of the soul, so a pair of moving eyes will bring you unexpected harvest.

materials: 136 g pig liver, 254 g spinach, (Fig. 1) ginger, salt, cooking wine, flour, Lycium barbarum.


1. The pig liver was soaked in water and cooking wine to remove poison and smell (Fig. 2).

2. Sliced pig liver, marinated with a small amount of soy sauce, salt, flour and sesame oil (Fig. 3).

3. Wash spinach and cut into sections by hand.

4. Bring boiling water to a boil and blanch in pig liver. Remove and drain water (Fig. 4).

5. Similarly, blanch spinach, remove and drain. Blanching spinach is to remove the astringency of spinach.

6. Add ginger slices and soup (Fig. 6), bring spinach to a boil, add pig liver and washed Lycium barbarum after boiling, and serve it when cooked. Do not cook pig liver for too long, turn off the fire when boiling, so that the pork liver is tender and smooth and will not grow old. Especially for the elderly and children, the nutritional significance of this soup is extraordinary, so what are you waiting for, action now!