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Double winter plum dish with pork and classic Hakka cuisine

1. Prepare the materials and reserve them. Dice the bamboo shoots and mushrooms

2. Soak the dried vegetables, boil them with water, squeeze out the water, heat the vegetable oil pan, and add the ginger and onion powder to stir fry

3. Add dried vegetables and mushroom

4. Pour in the diced winter bamboo shoots and stir fry evenly

5. Mix in Shao wine, fresh soy sauce, sugar, pepper and a proper amount of salt, and set aside

6. Pour water into the soup pot, add star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, scallion and ginger slices, and then add the pork cubes

7. After boiling, add appropriate amount of Shaoxing wine and simmer until there is no blood inside. Then season with salt, adjust the flavor, turn off the heat, soak the meat in the soup pot for two hours to make it taste delicious, and then boil the soup pot again

8. Take out the meat immediately, apply a little soy sauce evenly on the pig skin while it is hot, and then dry it

9. After the skin of the meat is dried, put it into the frying pan with the skin of the meat side down. Fry the skin of the side of the meat into the color of tiger skin, then take it out and cool it, and then refrigerate it

10. Take out the meat cube and cut it into 2 mm thin slices. Do not cut it. Each piece of meat is made into a 2 mm thick uniform thin slice

11. After cutting, roll up the meat square again and restore it to the original square

12. Fix the end with a toothpick, then push the reduced meat layer by layer with fingers, stagger a certain gap, and take the shape of pyramid

13. Fill the big gap with the fried stuffing, put it into the plate, and put the cooked braised meat into the steamer

14. Broccoli, cut into small pieces, wash and blanch with salt and a few drops of oil

15. Steam the braised meat for about an hour and a half until the meat is crisp and rotten. Pour out the soup from the plate and set aside. Decorate with broccoli

16. Pour the juice of steamed meat into a frying pan and bring it to a boil. Thicken with a little starch. After the sauce is gelatinized, add a few drops of sesame oil. Pour the sauce over the meat while it is hot