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Chicken balls in eggplant sauce are very chewy and taste like q-balls

1. Clean the chicken breast, remove the fascia, cut into small pieces, add appropriate amount of ginger, put into the cooking cup, stir into chicken paste

2. Add a little cooking wine and 1 teaspoon salt for seasoning

3. Remove the fishy smell with white pepper and a little starch

4. Put an egg white and stir it with chopsticks. Stir it hard to make gum

5. Boil water in the pot and squeeze the chicken into balls

6. Cook well and heat the oil 60% in the pan

7. Stir fry tomato sauce and add 1 / 2 teaspoon salt to taste

8. Add a little vinegar to taste, pour in the cooked chicken balls and stir fry, so that each chicken ball is hung with eggplant juice, and sprinkle a little cooked white sesame seeds out of the pot