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Sweet and sour pineapple tofu, sweet and sour

1. Wash the old tofu, cut off the hard core of pineapple, slice and soak in light salt water for 10 minutes to drain

2. Use kitchen paper to dry the surface moisture of old tofu, cut into small pieces, pineapple into small pieces

3. Heat the pan with oil, add ginger slices and scallion slices, stir fry the fragrance over a small fire, and take it out and throw it away

4. Pour the old bean curd into the pot, fry it slowly until the surface is golden, and take it out for standby

5. Stir fry tomato sauce over medium heat for half a minute

6. Pour in half a bowl of water and bring to a boil

7. Pour in the tofu fried in step 4, add salt and sugar, stir fry for two minutes, and let the tofu taste good

8. Pour in the pineapple and stir fry for a while

9. Finally, pour in about 2 tbsp of water starch, stir fry until the soup is thick and wrap it on the surface of tofu and pineapple