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Fried cold noodles with shrimp skin

1. Prepare the ingredients, cut the mung bean jelly into small cubes, and marinate the pork stuffing with salt, soy sauce and cooking wine for 15 minutes

2. Heat up the pan, pour oil, put the scallion in the pan, saute until fragrant, then put the shrimp skin in the oil and bake it over low heat. Take out and set aside

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pan, add ginger powder and bean paste to stir fry the aroma, then pour the pickled pork stuffing into the pot, stir fry it over medium heat

4. Dilute the oyster sauce with water, pour it into the minced meat, stew it over a low heat, and the sauce will become thicker and thicker

5. Pour in the cut mung bean jelly and stir fry with a spatula carefully

6. Until each small piece of mung bean jelly is evenly wrapped in a layer of sauce gravy, pour in the baked shrimp skin, sprinkle with scallion