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Steamed seashells with minced garlic and vermicelli

1. The frozen scallops are naturally thawed. The meat is separated from the shell. The viscera of the scallop, that is, the scallop with garlic and vermicelli, is steamed to remove the black things. Then the inside and outside of the scallop shell are brushed clean with a brush;

2. Marinate the scallop meat with cooking wine for a moment;

3. Dice red pepper, scallion, garlic and garlic;

4. Put a little more oil than garlic paste in the frying pan. When it is 20% hot (you can feel the heat when you put your hand on the oil), put the garlic paste in the oil, fry the garlic paste into yellow with low heat, put it out with the oil, cool it in the air, add salt and chicken powder to mix well (taste the seasoning according to your own taste, just remember that the salty taste of scallops and vermicelli depends on garlic paste to adjust the salty taste of scallops and vermicelli No seasoning was added);

5. Soak the vermicelli in warm water, then use boiling water for a while, then remove and drain;

6. The fans will be surrounded into a bird's nest in each scallop shell;

7. Then put the pickled scallop meat on it, and then spread the mixed garlic and oil evenly on the steamed scallop meat with fan garlic vermicelli (the amount of garlic paste should also be according to personal preference, and pay attention to the saltiness of garlic paste);

8. Boil the water in the steamer, put the scallops on the plate, put them into the steamer and steam them with high fire (steam the large scallops for 5 minutes and the small scallops for 3 minutes);

9. Finally, heat the frying pan, pour in a little cooking oil, while the oil is not hot, sprinkle the scallion and red pepper on each scallop respectively, and then pour the hot oil evenly on the scallop. It's finished.