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Cool and delicious peppermint shrimp is the most refreshing taste in summer

1. Remove the head and shell of fresh shrimp and pick out the shrimp line

2. Add a little salt, sugar and a few drops of lemon juice

3. Add a little white pepper and marinate for about 30 minutes. Add a little egg white to the marinated shrimps, and then mix with some water powder

4. Wash the fresh mint, take off the mint leaves and cut into shreds

5. Put water into the pot and boil it. After boiling, put the mint stem off the mint leaves

6. Turn off the heat and put the pickled shrimps. When the shrimps in the pot turn red, take them out for standby (turn off the fire first, and then put the shrimps, so that the shrimps are very tender)

7. Cut pitaya into small pieces and apple into small pieces (soak the cut apple in light salt water to prevent discoloration)

8. Put shrimp, mint, pitaya and apple in a bowl and mix well with salad dressing