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How to make scallops delicious this summer? Have you ever eaten spicy scallop meat?

1. Wash fresh scallop meat and soak it in water for half an hour; cut garlic and scallion with a knife; cut hot pepper into small pieces;

2. Take a small bowl and mix oyster sauce, seafood sauce and water into sauce;

3. Boil water in the pot and add wine. After boiling, blanch the scallop meat and take it out for use;

4. Pour the bottom oil into the frying pan, turn to medium heat, put garlic, green onion and pepper to stir fry;

5. turn the fire scallop in shell, put the sauce before it (step 2), stir fry for a few times and then leave the pot.


1. Blanching time should not be too long, about 1 minute.

2. When frying, turn to high heat to stir up the flavor. But be careful not to paste the pot.