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Crab roe and bean curd soup is yellow and white. It's delicious and delicious

1. Soak scallops in warm water for more than 2 hours in advance;

2. Clean the soaked scallops, add proper amount of cooking wine and ginger slices, and steam for 30 minutes in a steamer;

3. Steam the salted egg yolk and crush it with a spoon;

4. Add appropriate amount of water into the crushed salted egg yolk and stir it evenly to make the egg yolk paste; cut the tofu into pieces;

5. Cut the ham and set aside, take out the quick-frozen pea seeds and thaw them in advance;

6. Put a proper amount of soup into the soup pot, and then add the water of dried scallops;

7. Put in the egg yolk paste; when the soup in the pot is boiling, add peas;

8. Add ham and tofu;

9. Scallops, continue to boil for 10 minutes; add appropriate amount of starch and water; after the pan is opened again, add in an egg liquid to turn off the heat.