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Delicious family meals with strong aroma of stir fried pork with green pepper

1. Put the streaky pork with thin skin, fat and thin skin into water, add ginger and pepper, and cook over medium heat until it is medium cooked (about 15 minutes), then cool it and cut into 0.15 cm thick slices.

2. Chop the bean slices, wash the green peppers and remove the seeds, and cut them into triangles of the same size as the meat slices.

3. Put the wok on medium heat, add a little oil, add green pepper and a little salt to fry until the green pepper is cut off and put into a plate for use.

4. Put the frying pan on medium heat (do not wash the pan), heat a little oil to 50% of the oil temperature, stir fry the meat slices slightly, stir fry the bean paste, add the sweet sauce and the ice sugar, stir fry the flavor, then put the fried green pepper together to stir the flavor, and start the pan and install the plate.