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Hidden bass wrapped in tin paper

1. Scrape off the scales, remove the internal organs, dig out the gills, sprinkle the coarse salt, rub repeatedly with your hands (remove the mucus on the fish and reduce the fishy smell), and then rinse it with water. Wrap with kitchen tissue to absorb excess water. Cut along the middle bone, remove the middle bone, remove the skin, and slice the fish into large slices. Then put the fillets into a bowl, add healthy balance salt, sugar, cooking wine, egg white, a little starch, mix well, and place for about 20 minutes.

2、 Take a small bowl and strain out the egg white for later use. Take out the canned corn shoots, drain the water, cut them in half and set aside. Clean up the shallots, choose long strips, and wait for use.

3、 Remove the fruit core of the plum, put the Hunan chili sauce and the plum meat into the food processor, stir evenly, and make the sauce for use.

4、 Pour the marinated fish into the filter screen, filter the water for a moment, and then use the kitchen tissue to wrap the pieces of fish and absorb the excess water.

5、 Lay the fillet flat, place a corn shoot on the edge of the fillet, then roll it up slowly, and tie it with chives as a rope.

6、 Put butter in the pan, turn on medium high heat. When the butter melts, put the rolled fish in the pan. Fry it over medium heat for about one minute. Then turn the pan over with a spatula and continue to fry until it is cooked. Drain the oil for a while, remove the shallots, and then install the pan.

7、 Pour the sauce evenly on the fish roll.