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DIY's taste buds are different

1. Clean the pork and cut into thick slices one inch square.

2. Take a small bowl, put a proper amount of salt and white wine, mix evenly, and make the salt fully dissolved.

3. Pour a small amount of salt liquor into the pork, knead the meat slices, and use the alcohol volatilization to take away the water in the meat slices.

4. In the kneaded meat slices, add some oil, mix the meat slices evenly, so that the meat slices are not sticky or curly.

5. Pour more oil into the pot, heat it, put in the meat slices, fry until both sides of the meat slices are burnt yellow, no longer crackling, and the water in the meat slices is dried.

6. In another pot, put an octagon, two pieces of fragrant leaves and half a spoon of pepper powder into the pot.

7. Add another bowl of water to the pot and boil.

8. After boiling the water in the pot, add some sugar and stir evenly.

9. Put in the meat slices and dry the soup over low heat.