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Homemade classic delicacy crab bean curd is comparable to five-star taste buds

1. Collection of main raw materials.

2. Cut the tender tofu into small pieces, put some water in the pot, boil it, add the diced tofu, sprinkle 1g salt, and cook until it bubbles.

3. Remove the diced tofu and control the moisture content.

4. Put the salted duck egg yolk into the steamer and steam it thoroughly.

5. Dry the salted duck egg yolk and crush it with the back of the spoon.

6. Put a proper amount of olive oil in the pot, put the salted egg yolk into it, stir fry it evenly with medium and small heat, and stir to give the fragrance. (stir fry as well as possible)

7. After that, add in the diced tofu and mix gently.

8. Add wet starch and thicken, stir well until thick.

9. Finally, sprinkle some salt, mix well and then serve.