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Braised pork with mushrooms, bamboo and bamboo shoots

Preparation: soak the dried mushroom and mountain bamboo shoot in warm water, and then cut them into pieces for standby. Don't pour the water after soaking the mushroom. It can be used when cooking the meat. It takes longer to soak the bamboo shoots. Wash them and cut them into small pieces. Slice ginger and onion.

1. Cut the streaky pork into cubes, pour a little white wine into the pot in cold water and boil it, remove the discolored meat, and discard the water.

2. Pour the oil in a hot pot, and the oil volume should be large. Turn on a small fire and add the lollipop. Stir to make it melt.

3. Put the cooked pork slices into the pot, stir evenly, then add ginger and onion slices, seasoning, fragrant leaves, dried red pepper, stir fry.

4. Put the mushroom into the meat pot, stir fry, pour in the water soaked in the mushroom, or pour in some boiling water, the water is not more than the meat in the pot. Heat it up, season with salt, pepper powder, soy sauce and soy sauce. Salt should be put less, because both the old and the raw are salty. Pepper powder less, improve the taste. We need to put more old-fashioned smoke, and the amount of fresh smoke is half that of old-fashioned smoke.

5. After the fire is over, open a small and medium fire to collect the juice, then put it into the bamboo shoot Festival, cover the pot cover, about 40 minutes, half of the soup in the pot is collected, the color of the streaky pork is ruddy, the soup is thick, sprinkle a little green onion before the pot, it's OK.