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Perfect combination of meat and vegetable in Eggplant and steamed bread

1. Wash and cut chicken breast.

2. Add ginger, onion, salt and pepper to the minced meat.

3. Beat an egg in.

4. Use chopsticks to stir the minced meat in one direction to make stuffing.

5. Wash eggplant and cut into 3cm sections.

6. Dig around the eggplant with a spoon.

7. Dig out the eggplant core (be careful not to dig through the eggplant).

8. Dig out the other eggplant cores in turn.

9. Spoon the minced meat into the eggplant core.

10. Fill all the eggplant with meat.

11. Open fire and steam eggplant on the pot.

12. After boiling, steam for 10-15 minutes.

When eating, mix the mashed garlic and cilantro together, dip them in, or sprinkle them on the eggplant steamed bun.