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A new method of stewing anchovies with red sauce

1. Prepare raw materials.

2. Put the anchovies in the oil pan.

3. Drain the anchovies and fry them in oil pan until golden on both sides. (I fried it in an iron pan. I'm afraid it's not sticky. Taping starch on the surface can effectively prevent it from sticking. It's not easy to stick when I fry it thoroughly and then turn it over.). )

4. Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, half fish water, ginger slices and sugar to the pot, and turn to a small heat to boil. (because it's stewed, it's a little more water than braised in brown sauce. )

5. Blanch the mushroom to remove the fishy smell.

6. Cut the lettuce into a hob, pour it into the pot together with the mushroom, add the salt according to the taste, turn the small fire and stew for about 15 minutes until the vegetables taste.

7. Before leaving the pot, add the chopped green onion, and cook it slightly before leaving the pot.