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June 1 children's day, colorful chocolate mouse pagoda highlights

1. Soften shortening at room temperature, mix it with sugar powder, and stir evenly.

2. Add the whole egg mixture in several times and mix well.

3. sift in the low gluten powder.

4. Dough.

5. Rub the dough into long strips and divide into small pieces.

6. Press the small dough into the tower formwork.

7. Knead the dough evenly along the tower skin and press it firmly.

8. Cut off the redundant tower skin for standby.

9-10. Make all taps in turn.

Tower filling method:

11. Soften butter at room temperature and mix well with sugar powder.

12. Add the egg liquid in several times and stir evenly.

13. Add milk and mix well.

14 sieve in low gluten powder.

15. Stir evenly to form filling.

16. Put the stuffing into the flower mounting bag, and then squeeze it into the tower cup for baking.

17. Preheat the oven in advance, 200 degrees, 30 minutes, and cool it after baking (the time and temperature are for reference only, please adjust the oven temper properly).

18. Whisk the cream into the flower mounting bag and squeeze it into the cooling tower.

19. Heat chocolate in water until melted.

20. Dip the cream tower with melted chocolate.

21. Spread a piece of fresh-keeping film on the table, squeeze the chocolate liquid into ear shape and put it in cool condition to decorate the tower.