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Braised Tofu with shrimp balls

1. Preparation of materials;

2. Turn over the built-in tofu box and cut off four corners with a knife, which can completely demould the tofu;

3. Cut the tofu into cubes, boil the water until slightly boiling, add a little salt, and blanch the tofu;

4. Blanch the carrot and pea, remove the head and shell of the shrimp, the shrimp line, leave the tail, cut a knife at the back, blanch the shrimp ball with boiling water;

5. Stir fry onion in hot oil pan, then pour in peas and diced carrots;

6. Stir fry the shrimp balls;

7. Drain the tofu, pour it into the pot gently, and shake it;

8. Pour in the soup, add some pepper, oyster sauce, a little salt, stew until the soup turns white;

9. Add the mixed water starch, gently push with a spatula for several times, and turn off the fire after boiling;

10. Pour in sesame oil and put it on a plate.