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Thai fresh mango salad with zero cooking skill can also perform the style of top master

1. Cut the mango with a cross knife (avoid the part of the core), then use a knife on the pulp like a picture well, then push the peel upward, the pulp will be separated naturally, take it out and put it into a small bowl for standby; wash the cucumber, and scrape out the thin slices with a scraper along the length.

2. Remove the head, shell and line of fresh shrimps, cut into small sections, blanch in boiling water and cook until discolored, remove and drain the water for standby (add a little cooking wine and ginger slices in the water to remove fishiness).

3. Mix the diced mango with the shrimp, then add the salad dressing and mix well.

4. The cucumber slices are curled into a container, put on a plate, and then add the fresh shrimp mango salad.