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The perfect match of fried cowpea with bean sauce

1. Prepare the ingredients, take off the tip of both ends of the bean, tear off the hard silk, and take it into a 5cm long section, wash it, soak it in water for 30 minutes, and drain it for standby.

2. Heat the pot, pour in the oil, and quickly stir fry the beans into the pot until the surface is discolored, which can be adjusted to medium or small fire, and pay attention to prevent oil splashing.

3. Then pour in a large bowl of clear water, take the beans as the standard, cover the pot cover, and keep cooking for about 7-8 minutes.

4. Open the lid of the pot and see that the beans have become soft and the water has almost been collected. Pour in the prepared bean paste and stir quickly. Editor's advice:

It is easy to splash oil when frying beans with hot oil. Pay attention to prevent splashing and scalding. It is a good protection method to take the spatula in the right hand and cover it with the spatula in the left hand.

Boiled beans in high soup will have better flavor. If there is no clear water in high soup, please pay attention to that the amount of water is not more than beans. Boiled beans must be cooked thoroughly before eating, so as to prevent poisoning.

When put in bean paste, try to leave a certain amount of soup in the pot, which can better make the beans taste, and won't stick to the pot.

Bean paste itself after brewing, very salty, fried beans do not need to put salt.