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Wish to get frost spareribs with white heads

1. Cut the kumquat cake and put it together with osmanthus for standby;

2. Chop the spareribs into 3cm long pieces, mix them with rice wine and salt, then wet the starch and egg white, and mix well;

3. Put the oil into the pot, and when it is 60% hot, fry the ribs into the oil pot until golden yellow, and take out the drained oil;

4. Pour out the remaining lard for other purposes;

5. Leave 50g oil in the pot, add sugar, boil until the sugar water bubbles, immediately pour in the hot spareribs, kumquat cake and osmanthus, stir fry away from the fire, and wrap the spareribs in the sugar solution;

6. In the process of cold cooling, do not make the ribs stick, just take out the spoon and install the plate.

The key to making frost spareribs:

1. The ribs should be poured into the sugar solution while it is hot, otherwise the sugar juice will not wrap the ribs evenly. Two pots can be used for specific manufacturing. The method is to fry the ribs with good pulp one by one into a light yellow color, put them into a leaky spoon, and heat the oil to 70% of the heat. Then take another pot to fry the sugar. When the sugar is about to fry, put the ribs into the hot oil, fry them to a golden color, and take out the control oil. At this time, stir fry the sugar, and immediately put the ribs into the stir fry;

2. The mark to identify whether the sugar is fried well is the bubble of the sweet syrup. When the bubble is the size of the rice grain, the sugar is fried well, and it is forbidden to fry it;

3. After the sugar juice is hung evenly, the pan should be turned continuously to keep the ribs from sticking together. If conditions permit, the fan can be used to blow when turning continuously, so as to make it cool quickly;

4. Due to the frying process, 500g cooked lard should be prepared.