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The favorite fish of concubine Xiaoxiang

1. Cut the green onion into 2cm long sections, cut half of the ginger into rice, and beat the remaining green onion and ginger. Break off the old gluten (there is a small part of the color different from most of the old gluten on the scallop), wash the sand, put it in a bowl, add the cooking wine, beat the green onion and ginger and a little water, and evaporate it in the cage. Slice the mushrooms. Slice the ham.

2. Remove the gills and fins of the fat fish, cut open the mouth and remove the internal organs, and then wash them. Scald them with boiling water, scrape off the film on the skin with a knife, and then wash them with clean water. Take the head and tail first and do not use them. Remove the back spine of the fish, cut them into 5cm long, 4cm wide and 3cm thick blocks, and marinate them with cooking wine and salt.

3. Use 10 clean small new bamboo tubes, put a few pieces of bamboo leaves on each bamboo tube pad, put 3 fat fish, scallops, ham, mushrooms, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken oil, onion cover, cover the bamboo tube, steam with boiling water for 15 minutes and then take out. At the same time, add 1000ml of pepper, scallion and chicken soup, cover them and put them into a pad plate, one for each person, add two small bowls of chili oil and ginger vinegar, and dip them into it.